Concepts and Principles of Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management

authored by: Mahendra Singh Pal
ISBN: 9789391383657 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 586 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
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Agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy, as it provides employment to nearly 60% of the rural population. Although its contribution to the GDP is decreasing due to the growth of other sectors, it continues to be the primary occupation for the rural masses and is crucial for ensuring food and nutritional security in the country.

Despite the fact that farmers' income has not kept pace with other industrial sectors, the government has recently introduced several initiatives aimed at enhancing farmers' income.

1. Rainfed Agriculture: Principles and Scope, 2. History of Dryland Agriculture, 3.  Indian Climate, 4. Soils of Rainfed/Dryland Areas,5. Aberrant Weather Situations and Contingency Crop Planning, 6. Soil and Water Conservation,7.Water Harvesting Structures, 8 Crop Adaptation and Mitigation Mechanism to Drought, 9 Sustainable Crop Production in Rainfed Areas, 10  Principles of Watershed Management,11  Water Management for Sustainable Agriculture, 12  Mulching and Its Impact on Agricultural Production

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