The Fungi As Pathogenic and Beneficial Microbes

authored by: Suresh G. Borkar
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Fungi, as microorganisms, are ubiquitous and can be found in various environments, including mountains, soil crust, water bodies such as rivers, lakes, ponds, and oceans, on plant surfaces, food grains, fruits, and vegetables, decomposing materials, fabrics and leather in damp weather, air cooling systems, environmental air both indoors and outdoors, and on the bodies of animals and humans.

Some fungal growths are visible to the naked eye, while others can only be seen under a microscope. Fungal microbes can act as pathogens, causing harm by causing diseases in crop plants, food products, fruits, and vegetables, in humans, animals, birds, and marine life. However, certain fungal species are beneficial to mankind, agriculture, and the environment. These fungi provide food products, antibiotics, enzymes, organic acids, plant nutrients, composting agents, and serve as biological control agents, among other beneficial roles.

Despite their significance, many people are not aware of the various functions of fungal microbes. This knowledge has not yet been passed down to future generations. It is crucial for everyone to understand the role of fungal microbes in our lives, as they play an important role at some point in time.

Section I: An Introduction to Fungi

1. The Fungi and its Life

2. The Habitat of Fungi

Section II: Fungi Harmful to Living Being

3.Fungi Causing Disease in Plant and Food Product

4. Fungi Causing Diseases in Human Beings

5. Fungi Causing Diseases in Animal

6. Fungi Causing Diseases in Birds

7. Fungi Causing Diseases in Aquatic Animal/Fish

Section III: Useful Fungi

8.   Fungi Useful in Industrial Production

9.   Fungi as Biocontrol Agent

10.   Fungi Used as Biofertilizers

11.   Fungi Used as Decomposer 

12.   Fungi Used in Antibiotics Production


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