Emerging Techniques in Food Processing

edited by: Kshirod Kumar Dash & Mudasir Ahmad Malik
ISBN: 9789394490253 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 318 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
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The book in question encompasses a variety of topics related to food processing technology. It consists of twenty-eight chapters, which focus on emerging technologies for the development of value-added food products. These products were characterized by different researchers, and the sensory evaluation and storage stability of various food products were investigated. The book also includes research on the nutritional value and medicinal properties of plants such as FicusCarica, Quinoa, and Millet.

The book highlights advanced and innovative techniques, such as thermal and non-thermal treatments, including pulse electric field treatment, high intensity ultrasound treatment, and high-pressure processing. The development and characterization of value-added food products, including spirulina platensis powder, meat-based products, chocolate bars, and chickpea flour-based extruded products, are also presented. The book covers the drying properties of food products using hot air drying and freeze drying for heat-sensitive products.

The book also features advanced packaging-based studies, including edible coatings, modified atmospheric packaging, encapsulation for shelf-life extension of fruits and vegetables, and food biotechnology topics such as the production of Bio cellulose through Acetobacteraceti and brewing technology.

1.  A Comprehensive Review on Nutritional Value and Medicinal Uses of Fig (Ficus carica)  Ankita Walia, Rajat Singh, Kajal Sharma and Naveen Kumar

2.  Application of Edible Coatings and Active Ingredients in Shelf-life Extension of Fruits Sabeena Manzoor, Amir Gull, Abid Hussain Bhat, Sajad Mohd Wani Ashwani Kumar Khajuria, Manzoor Ahmad Bhat and Mushtaq Ahmad Lone

3.  Food Processing and Preservation Using High Electric Field Pulse Treatment: An Innovative and Emerging Technique Bidisha Mohan and Ajita Tiwari   

4. Validation of Method for Organo Chlorine Pesticide Residues in Lanolin Using Gas Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Gupta Neha, Agrawal Ajeet, Divya, Singh Rakhi, Nayak S.K. Das Mukul and Jan Kulsum

5. Brewing Technology::From Barely to Beer Rahul Mehra, Naveen Kumar, Ravinder Kaushik, Krishan Kumar and Harish Kumar

6. Characterization of Spirulina platensis Powder and Its Value Addition to Develop the Food Products Pinku Chandra Nath, Biswanath Bhunia, Ramesh Sharma Tarun Kanti Bandyopadhyay and Biplab Roy

7.  Development of Immune Boosting Easy to Digest Nutritious Ready to Eat or Ready to Prepare Sip Feeds For The Elderly Akshat Sanjay Bedmutha

8. Wastewater Treatment Challenges in Food Processing and Agriculture Disha Purohit, Shivmurti Srivastav and R.M. Purohit

9. Approaches for Production of Meat Based Functional Products Kajal Chauhan, Nidhi Yadav, Sanjana, Rajat Singh Ankita Walia, Harish Kumar, Kajal Sharma and Naveen Kumar

10. Drying Characteristics of Lemongrass in Tray Dryer Jagamohan Meher, M.K. Agni Vadivu, A. Anu Girija M. Varshini Devi V. Priyanga and P.K. Ramya Krishnan

11. Effect of Storage on Starch Content of Amorphophallus paeoniifolius (Elephant Foot Yam) Unaiza Iqbal, Pinki Saini, Mazia Ahmed and Anchal Singh

12. Effect of Thermal and Non-thermal Treatments on Nutritional and Functional Properties of Wheat Bran An Overview Reshma Saroj, Vinti Singh and Devinder Kaur

13. Encapsulation of Probiotic with Different Carriers by Spray Drying Ritesh Balaso Watharkar, Rajesh Burbade, Sonal Dalvi and Dharmendra Jain

14. Machine Vision Based Decision Support System for Quality Evaluation of Dairy Products P.S. Minz, Charanjiv Singh Saini and I.K. Sawhney

15. Freeze Drying: A Sub-zero Preservation Technique Geethu M.          

16. High Pressure Processing Roshna Khawas and Ajita Tiwari

17.  Influence of Chemical Preservatives on Preservation of Jamun Pulp in Deep Freezer Archana Pattar, Laxman Kukanoor and Praveen Jholgikar

18. Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Enhanced Shelf Life Kshirod K. Dash, Soumya Dash, GVS Bhagya Raj and N. Afzal Ali

19. Processing of Indian Traditional Diary Products Kshirod Kumar Dash, Sayani Das, Amit Kumar Hazra and Anwesa Sarkar

20. Drying Fundamentals and Models for Prediction of Sorption Isotherms Kshirod K. Dash, Soumya Dash, GVS BhagyaRaj, N Afzal Ali

21. Determination of a Suitable Thin-Layer Drying for Fruits and Vegetables: A Review Jyotirmoy Goyary, C.B. Khobragade and Ajita Tiwari

22. Optimization of Culture Conditions and Media for the Production of Bio Cellulose through Acetobacter Aceti Mazia Ahmed, Pinki Saini and Unaiza Iqbal

23. Development and Nutritional Assessment of Nutraceutical Chocolate Bar Utilizing Herbal Powder and Quinoa Er. Rohan Ramesh Shah

24. Quinoa A Medical Marvel Mariya Nayeem, Aasima Rafiq and Abida Jabeen

25. Physichochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Extruded Product Fortified with Chickpea Flour Neelam Yadav, Pallavi Bajpai, Prashansa, Ritika Malviya, and Devinder Kaur

26. Food Safety Officer Department of Health & Family Welfare Bipasa Misra

27. Effect of Incorporation of Crude Rice Bran Oil Extract on Storage Stability of Coconut Oil Sudip Kr. Das, Md.Jigar Ali and Bijendra Sahoo

28. Revival of Millets as a Natural Remedy for Combating Hidden Hunger Aasima Rafiq, Mariya Nayeem, Mumtahin-ul-kauser, Abida Jabeen Quraazah Amin and Bushra Manzoor

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