Basic Concepts in Horticulture

by Pradeep Haldavanekar & Yogesh Parulekar
ISBN: 9789394490642 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 562 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
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The book entitled “Basic Concepts in Horticulture” is ideal for any introductory course in horticulture science and tried to encompass detailed fundamentals one should understand in a holistic manner. Coverage includes about 59 critical topics for understanding fundamental concepts,  relationship between horticulture and the environment, classification of plants, plant anatomy and morphology, plant propagation concepts, media, nutrients and fertilizers, nursery site selection, plant growth regulators, canopy management, flowering and fruiting habits, harvesting and post-harvest management, recent trends in horticulture, climate change, challenges and opportunities, ambitious horticulture development schemes, career opportunities, urban horticulture, biodiversity conservation, Intellectual property rights

Pradeep Haldavanekar, Associate Dean, College  of  Horticulture, Mulde, Kudal,Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India

Yogesh Parulekar is Presently working as Assistant Professor of Horticulture at Dr. B.S. Konkan Kris hi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, Maharashtra, India

1.  Introduction, 2. Importance and Scope of Horticulture, 3. Nutritional Importance of Horticultural Crops, 4. Horticulture Scenario in India, 5. Branches of Horticulture, 6. Classification of Horticultural Plants, 7. Anatomy and Morphology of Flowering Plants,8.  Growth and Development, 9. Climate and Soil Requirement for Horticultural Crops, 10.  Selection of Site, Planning and Layout of Fruit Orchard, 11.  Planting Systems and Planting of Fruit Crops, 12.  High Density Planting, 13. Training and Pruning in Horticultural Plants, 14. Nutrition Garden, 15. Nutrient Management in Horticultural Crops, 16.  Irrigation in Horticulture Crops, 17 Weed Management in Horticultural Crops, 18. Plant Propagation, 19.  Propagation Media, 20. Plant Growing Containers, 21.  Micropopagation, 22.  Nursery Production of Horticultural Plants, 23. Propagating Structures, 24. Care and Management of Nursery Plants, 25. Potting and Repotting, 26. Harvesting, Packing, Storage and Marketing of Nursery Plants, 27. Green Manuring, 28.  Vermicomposting, 29. Use of Growth Regulators in Horticultural Crops, 30. Use of Biofertilizers in Horticultural Crops, 31. Special Horticultural Practices, 32. Bearing Habits in Fruit Crops, 33.  Alternate Bearing in Fruit Crops, 34.  Unfruitfulness, 35.  Fruit Drop and Fruit Thinning, 36. Canopy Management in Fruit Crops, 37. Rejuvenation of Senile Orchard, 38.  Maturity, Harvesting and Post Harvest Management in Fruit and Vegetable Crops, 39.  Pre and Postharvest Management in Cut Flowers, 40. Fruit and Vegetable Preservation, 41. Cropping Systems in Horticulture, 42. Orchard Management, 43. Organic Farming, 44. Use of Plastic in Horticulture,45. Soilless Culture, 46. Major Problems in Fruit Crops, 47. Biotic and Abiotic Stress in Horticulture, 48. Frost Injury in Horticultural Crops, 49. Effect of Air Pollution in Fruit Crops, 50. Effect of Climate Change in Horticulture, 51. Precision Farming, 52. Challenges and Opportunities in Horticulture, 53. Introduction of Non Traditional Fruit Crops, 54.  Urban Horticulture, 55.  Biodiversity Conservation, 56. Intellectual Property Rights, 57. Ambitious Horticulture Development Schemes in India, 58. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), 59. Horticulture-Career Opportunities,  Glossary

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