Advanced Extension & Communication Strategies for Sustainable Livelihood Through Animal Husbandry and Allied Farming System: Volume 8 : Skill and Entrepreneurship Development - Volume 8

edited by: Arunasis Goswami & Sukanta Biswas
ISBN: 9789394490826 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 492 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 26.5 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 330 GMS
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The book has been divided into two advanced thematic areas. In the first part, 22 nationally acclaimed eminent authors have contributed to various aspects of 'Advanced Extension and Communication Strategies.' In the second part, 21 eminent resource persons have explained different concepts of 'Applied Extension & Communication Strategies for Sustainable Livelihood Through Animal Husbandry & Allied Farming System.' These two thematic areas include several nationally acclaimed eminent authors who have contributed to various topics such as basic and advanced communication-management skills, problem-solving, negotiation, project management skills, social networking, conflict and stress management, emotional intelligence, ICT in knowledge management, technology socialization, supply chain management, and research prioritization techniques. These topics have been well accommodated and supported by advanced research methodology and empirical studies.

This multi-authorship compilation is essential for sustainable and holistic societal development and enhancing the competency and efficiency of extension performers. It will be particularly helpful and educative for the faculty, scholars, researchers, and field functionaries of Extension education across India.

1. Training and Capacity Building for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Animal and Allied Sector, 2.  Communication Styles for Extension Organizations, 3.  Paradigm Shift in Role of Extension Educationist with Special Reference to Educational Approach of Extension, 4.  ICT Tools & Application for Effective Dissemination & Development of Extension System, 5.  Gender Mainstreaming in Animal Husbandry: Needs and Prospects,  6.  Farmer Outreach Through Innovative Extension Methodology, 7. Managing Extension Projects: Instruments and Application,  8.  Good Governance: Concept and Issues, 9.  Interpersonal Behaviour & Relationship in Extension, 10.  Performance Appraisal & Logical Framework Analysis Application in Extension,11. Problem Solving Skills: Essential to Perform in Extension Organization, 12.  Team Building and Performance Skills for Better Management in Extension, 13.  Personal and Organizational Effectiveness by Management Tools,14. Conflicts and Stress Management for Optimum Efficiency in Organization,15.  Negotiation Skill and Decision Support Systems in Extension Communication, 16.  Market Led Extension: Role in Empowerment of Livestock & Allied Farm Stakeholders,17. Managerial Skill and Performance Appraisal for Better Extension Organization, 18.  Capacity Building: Concept, Design and Model for Extension Personnel, 19.  Motivation for Improved Performance of Veterinarians and Livestock Farmers for Sustainable Development, 20.  Extension-Plus: New Dimension of Future Extension,21.  Emotional Intelligence in Extension Education, 22.  Occupational Health Hazards and Risks in Livestock Rearing Among Rural Women, 23. Mass Communication Through Community Radio Station in Agriculture, 24. Approaches for Impact Evaluation of Extension Programmes, 25.  Conservation & Extension of Threatened Small Animals in Native Tract of West Bengal, 26.  Climate Resilient Agriculture for Sustainable Production of Agriculture and Allied Sectors in Eastern India, 27.  Extension Strategies for Popularization of Livestock Based Entrepreneurship Models,28.  Panchayat Raj Institution: Experience of a Dynamic Extension System in Rural India, 29. Integrated Homestead Farming Towards Household Livelihood  Nutritional Security and Conservation of Agro-Biodiversity, 30. Extension Strategy to Develop Integrated Farming System (IFS) Model for Better Livelihood, 31. Value Added Livestock Products Marketing for Livelihood Empowerment, 32.  ITK: Relevancy & Need in Present Context of Animal Husbandry Development, 33.  Climate Resilient Farming: Adaptation & Mitigation Strategy for Livestock Farming, 34.  Entrepreneurship Development Training for Sustainable Livelihood Generation in Rural Areas, 35.  Frontline Extension System: Present Status and Future Prospects in Development of Rural India, 36. Health, Health Education and Health Extension Practitioners, 37. Intellectual Property Right (IPR) & Technology Management for  Commercialization of Animal Husbandry, 38.  Non-Governmental Organizations and Rural Extension
Activities: Correlative Factors, 39.  Paradigm Shift in Livestock Extension: Attracting and Retaining Livestock Farmers by Creating Successful Marketing Models, 40.  Role of Agri-Clinic and Agribusiness Centers for Agri-Preneurship Development, 41.  Application of Statistics in Social Science, 42.  Hunger-Poverty-Silence: New Age Extension Strategy to Break The Lethal Combination, 43. Upliftment of Socio-Economic Status of Rural People Through Diversified Aqua Farming Systems in India.

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