Agriculture Policy and Development in Eastern India

authored by: Suresh Chandra Patnaik
ISBN: 9789395319201 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 318 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 21 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 770 GMS
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Agricultural Sustainability, Rural Development Initiatives, Crop Diversification Programs, Soil Health Management, Agroecological Practices, Farmer Welfare Policies, Irrigation Infrastructure, Eastern India Agriculture, Agricultural Subsidies, Food Security Measures, Agribusiness Innovation, Agricultural Technology Adoption, Climate Resilient Farming, Eastern India Crop Yields, Livestock Development Schemes, Organic Farming Practices, Agricultural Policy Reforms, Farm Credit Programs, Market Access for Farmers, Sustainable Agriculture Practices, Eastern India Agro-industry, Government Agricultural Support, Research and Development in Agriculture, Rural Employment Generation, Agro-Processing Industries

This book endeavors to foster awareness among readers about the immense potential of sound agricultural policies and practices for broader societal benefits. It will concentrate on promoting sustainable resource management to boost high-quality agriculture and allied sectors in eastern India, thereby enhancing the livelihoods of people in the region as well as throughout the nation.

1.  Agriculture in Eastern India: Development and Strategies - Suresh Chandra Patnaik
2.  Agricultural Technologists and Policies for Farmer’s Welfare - S.K. Choudhari and T. Mohapatra
3. Augmenting Income of Farmers and Agricultural Workers Within the Framework of Indian Constitution and Indian Law Ananga Kumar Patnaik
4. Leveraging Agriculture for Nutritional Security in Eastern India - M. Nedunchezhiyan, Kalidas Pati Vijay Bahadur Singh Chauhan, R. Arutselvan and K. Raja
5. Secondary Agriculture – A Key Drive of Agriculture Growth in Eastern India - Amiya Kumar Behera
6. Climate Smart Agriculture and Climate Finance in Indian Context - A.K. Sahoo, S.C. Patnaik, and S.S. Nanda
7. Rural Infrastructure and Agricultural Development A Situational Analysis of Odisha -Pravat Kumar Roul and Sanat Mishra
8. Organic Farming in Eastern India: Past, Present and Future -Basudev Behera, Swosti D. Behera and Stuti D. Behera
9. Doubling Farmers’ Income in Eastern India: A Roadmap -Bidyadhar Maharana and Lalit Mohan Garnayak
10. Water Resource and Agriculture Scenario in Eastern India: Strategies for Agricultural Water Management - Atmaram Mishra, Sheelabhadra Mohanty and Partha Pratim Adhikary
11. Tribal Livelihood and Agriculture Development in Eastern India - A.K. Behera, B. Maharana, S.C. Patnaik and Sanghamitra Pattnaik
12. Human Resources Dynamics for Agricultural Growth in Odisha - L.C. Patnaik
13. Conclusion

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