Food Packaging: Principles and Applications

authored by: Kshitiz Kumar, Pravin M Ganorkar & Vijay S Sharanagat
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ISBN: 9789395319324 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 312 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 19 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 560 GMS
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Sustainable packaging, Food safety regulations, Packaging materials, Eco-friendly packaging, Shelf-life extension, Packaging design, Biodegradable packaging, Active packaging, Modified atmosphere packaging, Barrier properties, Vacuum packaging, Packaging innovation, Packaging machinery, Convenience packaging, Aseptic packaging, Smart packaging, Recyclable packaging, Food labeling, Oxygen scavengers, Moisture control, Packaging technology, Hazard analysis, Quality assurance, Packaging solutions, Tamper-evident packaging

The book is comprised of 13 chapters that cover a variety of topics related to food packaging. Chapters one through several explore the fundamentals of various types of packaging materials, such as plastic, paper, metal, and glass, discussing their manufacturing processes, properties, and applications. Separate chapters are dedicated to the packaging requirements of different groups of food products, including fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals, snacks, and beverages. In addition to these topics, the book also covers specialized subjects such as the shelf life of packaged food, aseptic packaging, and the recycling of packaging materials. To stay current with advancements in food packaging, the book includes chapters on active packaging, intelligent packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, edible and biodegradable packaging. Lastly, the final two chapters provide an overview of laws and regulations related to food packaging, ensuring that readers are aware of the legal requirements.

1. Introduction to Food Packaging - Kshitiz Kumar

2. Plastic Polymers in Food Packaging - Pravin M. Ganorkar

3. Paper and Paper-based Packaging - Srishti Upadhyay, Gourav Chakraborty, Tanmay Yadav and Vijay Singh Sharanagat

4. Metals in Food Packaging - Dhiraj Kumar Yadav and  Vinkel Kumar Arora

5. Glass Packaging - Twinkle Kumar Sachchan, Saumya Chaturvedi, Abhilasha Sharma Anjali Bangar, Mansi Titoria

6. Shelf Life of Packaged Food - Harpreet Kaur Jambh

7. Aseptic Packaging - Mayank Kumar Nigam and Kshitiz Kumar

8. Active and Intelligent Packaging - Rahul Das, Yogesh Kumar and Vijay Singh Sharanagat

9. Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Shivani Desai, Tapas Roy, Dhiraj Kumar Yadav

10. Edible and Biodegradable Packaging - Yogesh Kumar and Samandeep Kaur

11. Packaging of Food Products - Anbu Raj, Anand Kishore and Khushbu Kumari

12. Food Packaging Laws - Subhamoy Dhua, Pravin M. Ganorkar and Kshitiz Kumar

13. Labelling in Packaging - Ajay Patel, Priyanka Sharma, S.N. Naik, Kshitiz Kumar

14. Recycling of Packaging Material - Ankan Kheto, Makdud Islam, Ayan Sarkar and Vijay Singh Sharanagat

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