Plant Propagation and Nursery Management For Fruit Crops

authored by: Rakesh Kumar Jat & Mohan Lal Jat
ISBN: 9789395319645 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 216 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 20 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 460 GMS
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Fruit crop propagation, Nursery care for fruit plants, Grafting techniques in fruit crops, Seedling management, Fruit tree reproduction, Rooting hormones for propagation, Asexual propagation methods, Fruit tree nursery practices, Cutting propagation in horticulture, Scion and rootstock selection, Fruit crop cloning, Tissue culture for fruit plants, Air layering in fruit trees, Nursery pest control, Fruit crop seed germination, Containerized fruit plants, Propagation beds for fruit crops, Sustainable nursery practices, Fruit tree breeding, Transplanting fruit seedlings, Fertilization in fruit nurseries, Disease management in propagation, Watering techniques for young fruit trees, Hardening off fruit plants, Propagation success factors

This book comprehensively covers the subject of plant propagation, encompassing both traditional and contemporary advances. The focus is not only on the techniques and practices related to plant propagation and nursery management, but also on the theoretical concepts and their practical applications.

This text will enable students to grasp the various plant propagation techniques and nursery management practices in an easy-to-understand manner.

1. Plant Propagation: Importance and Scope Ravi Kumar, Poornita Raturi and M.L. Jat

2. Apomixis, Polyembryony and Chimeras Sherya and R.K. Jat

3. Seed: Dormancy and Germination Shubham Jagga

4.  Seed Quality, Treatment, Packaging, Storage, Certification and Testing S.K. Acharya, Mukesh Kumar, G.S. Patel and M.K. Sharma

5.  Propagation Methods and Graft Incompatibility Rajkumar Jat, Jitendra Singh Shivran, Sampurna Nand Singh and Rajender Kumar

6.  Role of Plant Growth Regulators in Propagation of Fruit Crops M.L. Jat, R.K. Jat and O.P. Kumawat

7. Plant Tissue Culture and Micropropagation Kapil Mohan Sharma

8.  Plant Propagation Structures Jitendra Singh Shivran, Rajkumar Jat, Pooja Sharma and Mukesh Chand Bhateshwar

9.  Nursery Establishment R.K. Jat, S.K. Acharya and Mukesh Kumar

10.  Media for Propagation Ajit Kumar Singh and Ashok Dhakad

11.  Nursery Management Practices M.L. Jat, R.K. Jat and Pankaj Yadav

12.  Nursery: Registration Act and Accreditation Rajesh Mor and Sonu Kumar

13.  Import and Export of Seeds and Planting Material and Quarantine Kapil Mohan Sharma, R.K. Jat and M.L. Jat

14.  Marketing of Nursery Plants R.K. Jat and M.L. Jat

15.  Tools and Accessories for Nursery Vivek Saurabh and Ashok Dhakad 

16.  Preparation and Management of Nursery Records R.K. Jat and M.L.  Jat


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