Vegetable Crops: 2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition: Volume 04 : Horticulture Science Series - Volume 04

authored by: T.R. Gopalakrishnan &T. Pradeepkumar
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ISBN: 9789395319669 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 452 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 29 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 765 GMS
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Horticulture Science, Vegetable Farming, Crop Management, Agricultural Practices, Plant Breeding, Soil Nutrition, Pest Control in Horticulture, Sustainable Agriculture, Vegetable Cultivation, Horticultural Techniques, Crop Physiology, Genetic Engineering in Plants, Organic Farming Methods, Greenhouse Gardening, Irrigation Systems for Vegetables, Agroecology, Hydroponic Systems, Crop Rotation, Horticultural Research, Plant Pathology, Precision Agriculture, Agricultural Biotechnology, Compost and Soil Amendments, Horticulture Education, Integrated Pest Management

Vegetable Crops is a comprehensive guide that includes the most current information on the area, production, and productivity of important vegetables at both the national and international levels. This book also covers scientific crop production practices for over 70 vegetables, ranging from the nursery to marketing. The classification of vegetables based on their cultural requirements is used for organization, and the book covers Solanaceous vegetables, Cucurbit vegetables, Okra, Legume vegetables, Cole crops, Bulb crops, Root crops, Potato, Tuber crops, Leafy vegetables, Salad vegetables, and Perennial vegetables.

This second edition has been updated to align with the new ICAR syllabus for UG and PG students and includes information on a wide range of topics that are frequently tested in ICAR JRF/SRF/NET and ARS examinations. Additionally, this edition includes new material on the latest vegetable varieties released from public sector research institutes, vegetable nutrition principles and deficiency symptoms, open precision farming, fertigation schedules for important vegetable crops, protected cultivation, hydroponics, and the application of biotechnology.

1. Introduction,  2. Classification of Vegetables,  3. Principles of Vegetable Production, 4. Vegetable Gardens and Special Systems of Vegetable Farming, 5.Solanaceous Fruit Vegetables, 6.Cucurbits,    7. Okra, 8. Legume Vegetables, 9.Cole Crops, 10.Bulb Crops, 11. Root Crops,12.Potato,13. Tuber Crops,  14.Leafy Vegetables, 15 Salad Vegetables, 16 Perennial Vegetables, 17.Application of Biotechnology in Vegetable Science

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