Vegetable Crops: Vol 4 Horticulture Science Series: 2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition

by T.R. Gopalakrishnan &T. Pradeepkumar
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ISBN: 9789395319669 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 452 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
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Book entitled 'Vegetable Crops' incorporated the latest information on area, production and productivity of important vegetables at the national and international level and scientific crop production practices of more than 70 vegetables right from nursery to marketing. Classification of vegetables based on their cultural requirement is followed for presentation and are chaptered as Solanaceous vegetables, Cucurbit vegetables, Okra, Legume vegetables, Cole crops, Bulb crops, Root crops, Potato, Tuber crops, Leafy vegetables, Salad vegetables and Perennial vegetables.

The book has been revised and updated according to the new ICAR syllabus for UG and PG students containing information covering wide range of topics frequently asked in ICAR JRF/SRF/NET and ARS examinations.

List of the latest varieties released from public sector research institutes, principles of vegetable nutrition, deficiency symptoms, open precision farming, fertigation schedule of important vegetable crops, protected cultivation, hydroponics and application of biotechnology are the new additions in the second edition. 

T.R. Gopalakrishnan, got 38 years of experience in the field of research and research administration and was involved in the development of 29 improved vegetable varieties in tropical vegetables. The brinjal varieties Surya, Swetha, Haritha and F 1 hybrid Neelima and chilli variety Ujwala developed by him are considered as excellent source of resistance to bacterial wilt.

The other varieties includes Ambili (Pumpkin), Baby (Snake gourd), Vyjayanthi, Lola, Anaswara (Vegetable cowpea) and Hima (Hyacinth bean) all released at the state/national level. He was also associated with the release of another eighteen improved vegetable varieties and has guided 47 PG students as Chairman/ Advisory committee member and published 119 research papers and 6 books.
Dr Gopalakrishnan served As Expert member in vegetable science in several selection committee meetings at University and ICAR levels and was the Visitor Nominee in the Central Agricultural University for the North Eastern region He is the recipient of Krishi Vigyan Award during 1996-97 for the best agricultural scientist in Kerala, Dr Kirti Singh Life Time Achievement Award in vegetables during 2015, Young Scientist Award during the first Kerala Science Congress (1989), Dr.
Harbhajan Singh Award (1993) and Best Research paper awards two times (2001 and 2014) at National level. He is also a Fellow of Indian Society of Vegetable science, Varanasi and honorary fellow of High Tech Horticultural society Meerut. Dr Gopalakrishnan has served as Director of Research of Kerala Agricultural University (2010-15),. Managing Director and CEO of Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK)- A Govt. of Kerala supported farmer company (2006-2008),
Professor and Head, Department of Olericulture (1997-2006) and Professor at the Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur.

Pradeepkumar. T is the Professor and had Head, Department of Vegetable Science, Kerala Agricultural University. He completed PhD degree in Horticulture from IARI, New Delhi and undergone overseas training at University of Wisconsin, USA. He has developed 6 unique hybrids in water melon (Seedless types), salad cucumber (Parthenocarpic type) and ridge gourd. He has published 76 research papers, 12 books, 16 book chapters and 60 popular article. He is the fellow of Indian
Society of Vegetable Science, Indian Academy of Horticultural Science and Indian Society for Spices.

1. Introduction,  2. Classification of Vegetables,  3. Principles of Vegetable Production, 4. Vegetable Gardens and Special Systems of Vegetable Farming, 5.Solanaceous Fruit Vegetables, 6.Cucurbits,    7. Okra, 8. Legume Vegetables, 9.Cole Crops, 10.Bulb Crops, 11. Root Crops,12.Potato,13. Tuber Crops,  14.Leafy Vegetables, 15 Salad Vegetables, 16 Perennial Vegetables, 17.Application of Biotechnology in Vegetable Science