Production Technology of Underexploited Vegetable Crops

authored by: Vipin Kumar, Arvind Kumar, Km. Priyanshu, Bhoopal Singh Tomar, Bijendra Singh & Jagraj Singh
ISBN: 9789395319683 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 240 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 20 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 470 GMS
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Sustainable cultivation techniques, Crop diversification strategies, Innovative farming methods, Underutilized vegetable crops, Precision agriculture in vegetable production, Efficient resource utilization in farming, Agro-technological advancements, Low-input farming practices, Emerging vegetable crops, Technology-driven agriculture, Yield optimization in vegetable farming, Organic production technologies, Biodiversity in vegetable cultivation, Climate-resilient crop production, Precision farming for underexploited crops, Advanced agricultural machinery, Water management in vegetable farming, Nutrient management strategies, Greenhouse technologies, Automation in crop production, Integrated pest management for vegetables, Agroecology in vegetable farming, Sustainable soil practices, Post-harvest technologies for vegetables, Agri-tech innovations for underexploited crops

This book delves into the fundamental matters of the field, specifically those that are of elementary interest and hold great importance for further study at a higher level. The information included is the most recent available and has been organized systematically across various chapters, encompassing all aspects of Production Technology for Underexploited Vegetable Crops. This book is valuable for both instructors and students due to its inclusion of essential foundational research and comprehensive coverage of core concepts.

Theory:  1. History and Importance of Unverutilized Vegetable Crops in India, 2. Amaranth, 3.        Artichok, 4.  Asparagus, 5. Basella, 6. Bathua, 7.Broccoli, 8. Brussels Sprout, 9. Celery, 10. Chinese Cabbage, 11. Elephant Foot Yam, 12. Chekurmanis, 13. Jack Bean, 14. Kale, 15. Leek, 16. Lettuce, 17. Lima bean, 18. Littile Gourd (Kundru), 19. Oriental Pickling Melon, 20.  Parsley, 21. Parsnip, 22.      Pointed Gourd, 23. Rhubarb, 24. Spinach,25. Spine Gourd, 26. Sweet Gourd, 27. Sword Bean, 28.      Pigeon Pea, 29. Winged Bean

Practicals: 1. Identification of Seeds, 2. Botanical Description of Underexploited Vegetable Crops, 3.        Layout and Planting, 4. Cultural Practices of Underexploited Vegetable Crops, 5. Short-term Experiments of Underxploited Vegetables

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