Entrepreneurship Development in Specialty Agriculture: Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Series: Volume 04

authored by: Jyoti Kachroo, Sudhakar Dwivedi, S. P. Singh, Anil Bhat, Sabbey Sharma, Malika Sharma & Rakesh Sharma
ISBN: 9789395763028 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 298 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2023
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The specialty crop sector has experienced consistent growth both domestically and internationally over the past decade. Nevertheless, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced unique obstacles to the industry, which could potentially hinder its continued expansion, while simultaneously promoting a favorable trend in consumer preferences for purchasing specialty crops directly from farms. To capture a larger share of the economic value derived from their crops, farmers could consider performing certain processing functions on-site prior to selling their products, developing higher-value specialty crops, establishing direct marketing channels that bypass intermediaries, and identifying niche markets. These additional benefits would stimulate economic activity and foster entrepreneurship development. Consequently, the publication titled "Entrepreneurship Development in Specialty Agriculture" aims to explore the role of specialty agriculture in the formation and growth of enterprises.

      1.   Supply Chain, Value Addition and Marketing of Agricultural Produce for Increasing Farm Profits - Anil Bhat, Jyoti Kachroo, Sudhakar Dwivedi, S.P. Singh, Pawan Sharma, Sabbbey Sharma and Malika Sharma

      2.   Hi-Tech Kiwi Fruit Production in Himalayan States Potential for Transformation from Subsistence Farming to Sustainable Horticulture Towards Improving Livelihoods of Farmers - K.K. Jindal, M Premjit Singh

      3.   Socio-Economic Impact of Dairy Processing in Rural Livelihood - Arvind Kumar, Z.F. Bhat, Anil Bhat, Sunil Kumar

      4.   Artificial Intelligence vis a vis Crop Productivity Enhancement - Manpreet Kour, B.C. Sharma, Jyoti Kachroo and Shakti Singh

      5.   Value-Addition in Potato:A Review - Vijay Kumar and Chanchal

      6.   Technological Interventions in Floriculture for Doubling Farmers Income - Neerja Sharma, Vinod Gupta, Saurav Gupta, A.K. Sinha and Vijay Kumar Sharma

      7.   Floral Value Added Products for Employment Generation - Neerja Sharma, Vinod Gupta, Saurav Gupta, A.K. Sinha and Rakesh Sharma

      8.   Nursery Management of Ornamental Plants - Neerja Sharma, Vinod Gupta, Saurav Gupta and A.K. Sinha

      9.   Organic Agriculture A Fame Changer to Mitigate “Climate Emergency” - Narinder Panotra, Baneet Kour, Tanishq Sharma, Vikas Sharma Anil Bhat and Vishal Raina

    10.   Digital Marketing a Revolution in Agriculture - Mohammad Monis Ansari, Jasbir Singh Manhas and Poonam Parihar

    11.   Digital Technology: Transforming Indian Agriculture - Rafia N. Zargar and Sudhakar Dwivedi

    12.   Entrepreneurship Development Through Mushroom Production - Priti Singh and J.S. Manhas

    13.   Review on Value-Addition of Cut Flowers - Chanchal, Vijay Kumar and Tsewang Dolma

    14.   Entrepreneurship Development in Specialty Agriculture Opportunities and Scope - Shivani Singh and Piyush Mehta

    15.   Socio-Economic Analysis of Lavender Crop in Himachal Pradesh - Sukhjinder Singh and Sharanjit Singh Dhillon

    16.   Digitization of Agriculture The Future of Indian Farming - Apoorva Veldandi and K.Madhu Babu

    17.   Evaluation of Energy Economics in Cherry Production Process in Kashmir Region - Rigzin Disket

    18.   Profitability and Marketing Efficiency of Rabi Pea in Different Agro-Climatic Zones of Himachal Pradesh - Subhash Sharma and Parul Barwal

    19.   Specialty Agriculture and Marketing An Exploration of Linkages through Case Study Analysis - Shelleka Gupta, Ronnie Dutt and Bonia Sharma

    20.   Sustainable Hill Agriculture in Jammu & Kashmir with Reference to Speciality Agriculture - Vishal Raina, Neeraj Kotwal, Mahital Jamwal, Rakesh Kumar, Anjani Kumar Singh, Amrish Vaid, Narinder Pannotra, Vijay Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar

    21.   Spawn Production and Value Added Mushroom Products: An Upcoming Enterprise - Sachin Gupta, Moni Gupta, Upma Dutta, Ranbir Singh and Amrish Vaid

    22.   Role of ICT in Agriculture A Review - Mohammad Monis Ansari and Jasbir Singh Manhas

    23.   Crop Diversification An Efficient Approach for Sustainable Fruit Development under Rainfed Condition - Vijay Kumar, Rakesh Kumar and Vishal Raina

    24.   E-marketing for Agricultural Entrepreneurs - Poonam Parihar, P.S. Slathia, J.S. Manhas, Priti Singh and Jamyang Lahm

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