Soil Fertility Management Through Bioresource Technology

by R. Singaravel & V. Prasath
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Maintenance of soil fertility and productivity is the dire need of present-day farming as the level of soil organic matter is getting depleted due to over use of inorganic fertilizers, lesser use of organic manures, mono cropping, imbalanced fertilizer use etc. The area under multiple nutrients deficiencies are also increasing in recent years. As a result of degradation and depletion of soil fertility, agricultural production in many regions is now failing to show positive response to increasing agricultural inputs.

The Bioresource technology as a bio software can solve many constraints of soils and restore the fertility and productivity of crops. To renew the soil productivity, recycling of crop biomass and application of compost is a viable alternative. There is an absolute need to replenish soil by returning its lost share of organic matter which is recognized as a serious threat to sustainability. Huge amounts of bio resources are available in India which could effectively be recycled. Total amount of crop residue in India is estimated at 350 x 106 kg per year.

This book offers 10 chapters which comprises potential benefits of various bioresources for the improvement of soil fertility in terms of physico-chemical properties, macro and micro nutrient availability, soil microbes and enzymes, crop growth, yield and plant nutrient uptake.

R. Singaravel, Professor of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu

V. Prasath, Deputy Manager (Plantation) in Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited Kagithapuram, Tamil Nadu

1. Introduction, 2.Effect of Bioresources on the Physical & Physico-chemical Properties of Soil, 3.    Bioresources and Soil Nitrogen, 4. Bioresources and Soil Phosphorus,5. Bioresources and Soil Potassium, 6. Bioresources and Secondary and Micronutrients,7. Bioresources & Soil Biological Properties, 8.Bioresources and Rice Production, 9. Bioresources and Major Nutrient Uptake,10.    Bioresources on Secondary and Micro Nutrient Uptake, 11.Selected Bibilography