Insect Classification and Systematics

authored by: Neerja Aggarwal
ISBN: 9789395763790 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 192 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2024
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 14.98 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA | Weight: 350 GMS
INR 1,995.00 INR 1,796.00
This book will be available from 20-Jun-2024


Insect, classification, systematics, taxonomy, identification, Origin of Arthropods and insects, nomenclature, Numerical taxonomy, speciation, taxonomic key, Hierarchy, collections, Hybridization.

This book chronicles the complete evolutionary history of arthropods and most importantly of insects; their diversity, relationships, process of fossilization and fossils in particular. The book also contains chapters on Relationship between Taxonomy and Systematics, Modern Classification, Concept of species and Entomological database, to name a few. Numerical Taxonomy and Kinds of taxonomic keys beautifully illustrated with figures and diagrams to help in identification of important insects are also incorporated. The book will appeal to any one engaged in Insect Taxonomy, professional entomologists, insect collectors and curators.  

Taxonomy is a subject which is so operational that it could not be learned theoretically. Therefore, the present book will serve as a guide for those who are learning the subject and also for taxonomists, teachers, students pursuing higher education and aspiring for a career in entomology.

The present reference book would be very useful for under- graduate and post-graduate students and for those who are willing to succeed in various competitive exams. It will also provide a thorough knowledge of bio-systematics for classifying insects.

Chapter 1. Origin of Arthropods
Chapter 2. Systematics and Taxonomy:Relationship between Systematics and Taxonomy
Chapter 3. Relationship of Insects with Phylum Annelida and other Classes of Arthropoda 
Chapter 4. Origin of Insects:Dominance of Insects in Animal Kingdome
Chapter 5. Zoological Nomenclature: Principles and Application of Zoological Nomenclature, International Code of Nomenclature, Law of Priority
Chapter 6. Zoological Classification
Chapter 7. Modern Classification of Insects: Insects of Agricultural importance, Characters of Orders and Family
Chapter 8. History of Insect Systematics:Insect phylogeny, Evolution, Zoogeographical regions
Chapter 9. Importance of Taxonomy and Levels of Systematics
Chapter 10.Numerical Taxonomy:Phenetics, Cladistics, Dendograms 
Chapter 11.Concept of Species: Subspecies, Kinds of Species,Taxonomic Categories
Chapter 12.Concept of Supraspecific and Infraspecific categories: Biotypes
Chapter 13.Procedure in Identification: Taxonomic Characters;  Morphological, Physiological, Biochemical, Cytological, Parasitological, Geographical
Chapter 14.Kinds of Taxonomic Keys
Chapter 15.Ethics in Taxonomy
Chapter 16.Hierarchy in Classification
Chapter 17.Palaeontology, Fossil Insects
Chapter 18.Taxonomic Publication:   Description of New Texa
Chapter 19.Hybridization and Speciation
Chapter 20.Taxonomic Collections, Curation and Preservation

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