Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture

authored by: R.K. Nanwal
ISBN: 9789395763912 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 222 | Language: English | Copyright: 2020
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The book in question covers a wide range of topics related to farming systems, including their scope, importance, and basic concepts. It delves into the various types and components of these systems, as well as the factors that affect them, and provides an overview of the allied enterprises that are crucial to their success. The book also explores the tools and techniques used to evaluate production and efficiency in cropping and farming systems, and examines the impact of sustainable agriculture on the environment. Additionally, it discusses conservation agriculture strategies, as well as the historical background and objectives of integrated farming systems. The book is unique in its detailed coverage of site-specific development of integrated farming system models for different agro-climatic zones, resource use efficiency and optimization techniques, and the flow of energy in various farming systems. Overall, the book is a valuable resource for students who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of integrated farming systems, as it is based on the 5th Dean's Committee syllabus and is written in a clear and concise manner with up-to-date data and statistics.

Dr. R.K. Nanwal: Professor (Retd.),  Department  of Agronomy, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004, Haryana, India


1.    Farming System – Concept, Scope, Importance, Types and Factors Affecting Types of Farming Systems

2.    Farming System Components and Their Maintanance

3.    Cropping System and Pattern: Efficient Cropping System and Their Evaluation; Tools for Determining Production Efficiencies in Farming Systems

4.    Allied Enterprises and Their Importance, Criteria for Enterprise Selection

5.    Sustainable Agriculture-problems and Its Impact on Agriculture; Indicators of Sustainability

6.    Conservation Agriculture Strategies in Agriculture

7.    LEIA, HETA and Its Techniques for Sustainability

8.    Integrated Farming System-Historical Background, Objectives and Characteristics

9.    Components of Ifs and Its Advantages

10.  Site Specific Development of Ifs Model for Different Agro-climatic Zones

11.  Resource Use Efficiency and Optimization Techniques; Resource Cycling and Flow of Energy in Different Farming System; Farming System and Environment

12.  New Concept and Recent Approaches in Farming Systems

13.  Crop Diversification for Farming Systems

14.  Role of Organic Farming in Farming Systems

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