Innovations in Food Processing Industry

edited by: Dev Raj & Z.P.Patel
ISBN: 9789358875669 | Binding: Hardback | Pages: 348 | Language: English | Copyright: 2025
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The book provides comprehensive information on the innovative techniques employed in the food processing industry. The book is composed of 21 chapters, each of which has been thoroughly illustrated for enhanced comprehension, with multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter.

The book will benefit a larger number of students, researchers, educators, and individuals with an interest in the subject.

Dev Raj: Professor & Head (PHT) Department of Post-Harvest Technology, ASPEE College of Horticulture and Forestry, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari – 396450, Gujarat,India

Z.P.Patel Vice Chancellor, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari – 396450, Gujarat,India 

1. Innovative Food Processing Technologies by Dev Raj, A K Senapati, FM Sahu, and Nilam V Patel           

2. Trends in Food Safety Management by SK Sharma and Deepa Saini    

3. Post Harvest Treatments for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables by J.M. Mayani And Dev Raj               

4. Cold Chain Management in Food Processing Industry by Dev Raj, AK Senapati, NV Patel and JM Mayani           

5. Edible Coatings for Shelf life Extension of Fruits and Vegetables by Loitongbam Sophia Devi   

6. Minimal Processing of Fruits and Vegetables by Alok Nath       

7. Radiation Processing of Food by Vasudeva K. Rand Manjunath Shetty               

8. Nutraceutical and Functional Foods by Rakesh Sharma and Dev Raj    

9. Thermal and Non-thermal Methods of Processing by F. M. Sahu and Dev Raj 

10. Fluidized bed, Freeze and Spray Drying for Secondary Processing by AK Senapati and Dev Raj              

11. Osmotic Drying and Vacuum Frying by Nilam V. Patel and Dev Raj       

12. Food Concentration by Dev Raj and Shorya Raj          

13. Innovations in Food fermentations by Vikas Kumar  

14. Bio-colours: An alternative to synthetic food colorant by Shailendra K Dwivedi, Vivek Tiwari and AP Dwivedi 

15. Innovations in Food Packaging by Vigya Mishra          

16. Flavour in Sensory Science by M. Preema Devi, Dev Raj and V.K. Joshi              

17. Food Safety and Quality Assurance by Satish Kumar 

18. Bio-waste Utilization for Value Addition by GhanShyamAbrol              

19. Processing and Value Addition of Banana and Its by-products by Suresh Kumar P, Amelia KD, Divya P and Uma S  

20. Nutraceuticals from Citrus Fruits by Dinesh Kumar and M. S. Ladaniya             

21. Technical and Legal Perspective of Food Processing Plant by S.K. Sharma, Deepa Saini, Neha Rawat and Riya Barthwal               

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