Agricultural Engineering: All in One: 2nd Fully Revised and Enlarged Edition

by ER. Amandeep Godara
ISBN: 9789394490161 | Binding: Paperback | Pages: 886 | Language: English | Year of Publishing: 2022
Length: 152 mm | Breadth: 52 mm | Height: 229 mm | Imprint: NIPA
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The book is an attempt to provide detailed solutions of question papers of UPSC IFoS, GATE and Various State PSC Examinations in Agricultural Engineering in a concise and simplified manner to facilitate the aspirants. The book is intended to be a workbook that will help the students to practice solving numerical problems in agricultural engineering. The students whoever refer this book will be able to get a good concept and problem solving approaches. The book is endowed with a whole lot of unique short cuts and thought processes.

This feature makes the book a must have as part of your preparation material to crack the crucial examinations like UPSC IFoS, GATE and Various State PSC Examinations. This book will also helpful for UGC/ ASRB/ CSIR/ ICAR NET, ICAR SRF/JRF and Various State Government Examinations in Agricultural Engineering.

Er. Amandeep Godara: Assistant Engineer (WD&SC), Rajasthan, Bachelor of Engineering (M.P.U.A.T., Udaipur, Rajasthan), GATE 2014 Qualified (34th A.I.R.), ICAR-PG Exam 2014 Qualified (182nd A.I.R.), DST-Rajasthan 2014 Scholarship Holder

I. Engineering Mathematics:1.Matrices and Determinants, 2. Differential Equations,3.Vector Calculus, 4.Statistics and Probability, 5.Laplace Transforms II. Farm Power: 6.Farm Power Sources, 7.Thermodynamic Principles of I.C. Engine, 8. I.C. Engine Fuel System, 9.I.C. Engine Auxiliary Systems: Lubrication, Ignition and Cooling System, 10. Power Transmission Mechanism and Drive System, 11.Traction Mechanics, 12.Tractor Chassis Mechanism, 13.Tractor Hydraulics and Implement Control, 14. Tractor Design: Role of Comfort, Health and Safety of Human, III. Farm Machinery: 15. Soil Tillage and Sowing Machinery: Seeders and Planters, 16. Fertilizer Applications and Plant Protection Equipments, 17. Grain Harvesting Machinery: Harvester and Thresher, 18.Farm Processing Equipments: Chaff Cutter & Mowers, 19. Economics of Agricultural Equipments and Machinery,IV. Soil-Water Conservation and Irrigation Engineering: 20.Fluid Mechanics, 21.Soil Mechanics, 22. Hydrology, 23.Groundwater Hydrology and Wells, 24. Water Lifting Devices: Pumps, 25.Irrigation Engineering, 26.Drainage System, 27.Soil Conservation Measures, 28. Surveying and Levelling,V. Agricultural Process Engineering: 29. Heat Transfer in Food Processing: Steady State, 30.    Drying, Evaporation and Separation of Food Components, 31.Size Reduction: Milling and Homogenization, 32. Material Handling and Food Storage, 33.Refrigeration, 34.Thermal Processing, 35.Dimensionless Numbers, VI. General English, Aptitude and Reasoning: 36.General English, 37.Quantitative Aptitude, 38.Verbal Reasoning, VII. Miscellaneous: 39. Miscellaneous